Thursday, 19 June 2014

Summer Boost.

Quite frankly I'm refusing to believe that we're already in June. How and where has that time gone?

The past couple months have been pretty mental (hence my disappearance from the blogging world). I've attended day Festivals across the country, set up a PR company with a friend and also developed the WORST post-festival cold. Two weeks of horrendous coughing is just not really what I had in mind to start my Summer with.

I apologise, for my lack of posts. Unfortunately I was also dealing with a lot of negativity, and was having a bit of a 'phase' where I shut myself off from a lot and was all just a bit gloomy. Not fun at all. But I went away with my family to Cornwall for a week, which was utter bliss! It really cleared my head from negative vibes and I soaked up the sun and got back in the ocean for a surf, which gave me the boost I needed. Hopefully, now I'm in a better mind state and I'll get back on the blogging bandwagon and make the most of the Summer that's already shaping up to be great!

The first 6 months haven't been my favourite, here's to making the next 6 months the best!

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