Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mid-week Music Videos

Music video's have always been something I've enjoyed. I'm one of those really annoying people that will just sit and flick through the music channels to see all my favourite songs in motion capture and looking at all the different ideas that the artist or director has come up with. Whilst I was studying Moving Image at college my dream was to be a music video director, though that has slowly been pushed to the back of my mind while I focus on more industry related careers, I still love watching music videos and get excited when a band or artist releases their new videos.

So this is my new section, which will hopefully break up my posts a bit more when I'm a little bit lost for time! I'll post my favourite videos from the past week, which I hope you'll enjoy!

1. Gabrielle Aplin - Panic Cord

This video couldn't get much cuter really could it? Plus I'm loving the remastered version of Panic Cord! 

2. Mallory Knox - Beggars

I do like a man in a hat. 

3. The 1975 - Chocolate

This song is on repeat at the moment, it's a simple video, but I like it!

Have you got a favourite music video? 

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