Friday, 22 March 2013

Cellardoor Magazine!

The magazine industry is a difficult one, with physical sales decreasing very quickly and everyone moving more and more into the digital age. It's also a huge ocean with a lot of magazine fish swimming around in it, sometimes you just don't know which is worth the pick. I grew up reading magazines, have been lucky enough to work on one of the UK's biggest music mags and love sitting down to read articles about people from around the world. 

A few days ago I was informed about Cellardoor Magazine, an online magazine covering all our favourite things from fashion to music. The layout is absolutely adorable and I'm a very fussy one when it comes to design, but the magazine has a brilliant layout, which is easy to read and very aesthetically pleasing. 

Jade, one of Cellardoors Editors and founders describes it perfectly:

"We aim bring an eclectic mix of fashion, art, music and culture in a beautiful way. Something a bit different to the usual magazine choices for young women.  
We're now on our 10 issue, so as it's a pretty big milestone for us, we decided to do something a bit special! 
The new issue has is devoted to all things Music, including an exclusive interview with the our ultimate girl crush,Kate Nash, Bastille and The Staves. Not to mention gorgeous fashion editorials, some bloggers tell us why their city has the best music scene and we grill the talented paper artist Chloe Fluery. 

All this alongside contributions from writers and photographers across the globe, and cute illustrations to show off our love for all the beautiful things."

Obviously being a music fanatic, the latest issue is right up my street. With an interview with Dan Smith the man of the moment from Bastille, as well as some super tasty recipes and just look at Laura's (from bedroom, I NEED one of those dreamcatchers in my life. Oh, plus Marcus Foster.. mmmmmmmm!

My favourite section of the magazine though has to be the music map. It's so great when you see your local area featured in a magazine like this and I completely agree with all the points about Portsmouth, (I may also be a bit biased as I'm good pals with Villiers!) but that's not the point, they are really good! 

If I haven't yet convinced you, just go take a look at the latest issue, it comes out quarterly as well, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one! To coincide with their music issue they've also created a playlist for your lovely ears to enjoy, just follow the links below! 

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