Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Sound #5

What day is it? Sunday? Really? I don't even know anymore, working in the wonderful world of retail seems to have completely bemused me and my knowledge of the days of the week has completely disappeared from my brain. The only way I seem to know today is Sunday is from the X Factor and Roast tweets, how horrific? I've had a very busy week, filled with lots of travelling, radio and meeting new people. Of course with a superb soundtrack along the way & this is the band I'm loving right now.

Sons & Lovers

As they embark on a UK tour supporting the magnificent Ellie Goulding, I think it's safe to say this london based band are fully in their element. Though difficult to actually find any information on them, no matter what you Google, this doesn't hinder the fact they are really quite good at making music. I caught them on the BBC introducing stage at Underground Festival in Gloucester this year and after being utterly disappointed by PEACE, these guys definitely lifted my mood. 

Currently they only have a few tracks available for you all to listen to but I can assure you that they are brilliantly crafted works of pop-rock. With pulsating drum patterns and catchy guitar melodies, you'll find yourself hitting the repeat button continuously. Earlier this week they also posted a link on their Facebook to a new track they had recorded called Golden, which is available to download for FREE. Golden is definitely my favourite song by Sons & Lovers, give me a song using the ocean as a metaphor and you have me in the palm of your hand. With lyrics such as "...and I know you love the ocean, where the light is golden, that's where we'll be, where the city meets the sea" you can understand my love for it, seeing as it has an uncanny resemblance to the name of this blog! 

So if you do have tickets to see the lovely Ellie Goulding, then please make sure you catch Sons & Lovers beforehand, they're also playing a bunch of shows at Club NME in London in January so head there for a bloody good evening! 

For Fans Of: Futures, One Night Only, Harbour

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