Sunday, 22 July 2012

A New Beginning

The past three weeks have been an absolute blur, I arrived back from Blissfields and moved straight into a new flat (good lord moving is so much hassle!) started a new job, turned 21 and graduated from University, the standard things y'know!

It's scary, this new, adult life thing. It only hit me the other day that I have absolutely nothing, apart from work, stopping me going anywhere or doing anything, no deadlines, no coursework, nothing. That to me feels really strange, I've been in education since the age of 4 and in some way or another it's always had a form of control over my life, whereas now, I am in full control of what I do and how I do it. To me, that is terrifying! A few of my friends have gone straight into the big wide world of the media industry, however I've decided to take a small break just to relax and settle into the new life, I'm working at a clothing store in Portsmouth, do a radio show every week and still write about music & for me that's working right now, I haven't lost sight of my dream, I'm just pausing it for a couple months!

Turning 21 on the 10th July was also an experience, people have always said to me if they could be any age again it would be 21, so let's hope it's as good as everyone makes it out to be! I was fairly disheartened with my birthday plans as it seemed just nothing would go right and people were cancelling left right and center, so I really wasn't expecting much from the day. I was however, pleasantly surprised with all the gifts and love from people I knew, I did the breakfast show with Phil Russell where I was surprised with two Birthday cakes as well as having some good radio banter. I then came home to open all my cards and presents from my flatmates, I also got a phone call from my dad in Antarctica (who sent me the amazing photo above!) and received the most gorgeous flowers from my friend Mike at Bring The Noise! With a brief stop at work to earn some pennies, my mother then took me, my flatmate and my brothers girlfriend to Giraffe for a Birthday meal, which was EXTREMELY yummy, with a free pudding and the staff all singing to me! Finally we all went back to my flat for cake and presents, which were all incredible & I'm totally in love with my Tatty Devine necklace and cut off shorts!

I'll stop blabbing on about myself now, blogging shall resume soon now that I'm settled in to the flat and my new job. Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday and sent me cards etc :) for now I shall leave you with some pictures of my new flat & a REALLY attractive photo of me and my flatmate celebrating!


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  1. luckily you have lots of time to figure stuff out, it must be nice not feeling that pressure anymore :D