Sunday, 5 August 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Myles Bartholomew - Musician & Designer

Your musical conquests have been quite varied in style and genre, is this because you have a love for all musical styles, or has it been more of an exploration?

Err good question. I tend to like all musical styles really (other than ska and modern "RnB"), so yeah, I'd say it was more to do with my love of general music. I'm a bit like someone with ADD and an ipod. I'll be listening to a song and think "I'd love to do something like this" and I have to stop myself before I end up actually doing it. I had over 3 projects on the go at once at one point and it was pretty undoable.

Which style do you prefer to experiment with the most?

I'd say prog or ambient music is best to experiment with, that's only if I have to really pin-point a style. The best way to experiment with music is to try and forget about genres or styles. I find that if you forget that genres exist, and everything is meant to have it's own place then the music you make will sound different, writing will be easier and it will generally sound a bit more interesting. I don't think that's a popular opinion though..  

What has been your favourite experience in playing music?
Probably playing lots of live shows and getting to play/record at BBC maida vale studios for the radio one rockshow. That was cool. The guys in Senator really helped me get the confidence to play and record properly. We had some success and we all got on great. Every show was a blessing. 

All in all though my favourite experiences is just praise and having any kind of following. You could play to a room of 5 people and if just one of the five liked it then it was worth it.

How would you describe yourself and your musical offerings to those reading this?
Haha ermm. This is a tough one. I guess I just try to be as humble and down to earth as possible. I don't like egos, like, real egos, inflated ones. It's probably the ugliest trait in a person and there is a RIDICULOUS amount of it in music, so I try to offer something without that. I mean; some ego is required for playing music, you need to have faith in yourself in order to get the courage to perform, but I don't think you should look down your nose at people because they arn't wearing the same clothes as you, or don't sound like your mates/fave bands. That isn't a dig at anybody by the way. Everyone has their own opinions and ways of doing things. I'm just not massive on big heads.

I think musically though I just aim to always try something new. Trends are cool in their own way but I try to avoid ripping people off or sounding too much like something. Its hard (if not - impossible) to be completely original and everyone should take influence from something though.

Who or what has inspired you to develop your skills as a musician over the years?
My dad taught me how to play classical guitar when I was young, so he has been a great influence to me really. Other than that, just my love of music and every album I've ever owned/listened to. The hardcore/metal scene and the experimental scene. Any kind of music that I enjoy really. That and all my friends, family, loves and all round life experiences.

What's on the horizon for you at the moment? Anything special you're working on?
Errr well I have Shipton (my acoustic project), I have a split with an incredibly talented musician called Doug Haymann coming out soon, as well as some shows including a supporting slot for Listener at Southampton Joiners in a couple of weeks. Also: my most recent band "The Divorcee" have our first and following shows on the way (something I am extremely looking forward to!) It features fellow band mates from Senator and Sleep Centre in it, so it's like a big, happy family band for me. I have faith that it will have a lot of strength behind it so it's all very exciting at the moment. 

You're also an incredibly skilled designer, how do you mix the design work with your music?
Haha, one of my university lecturers once set us a task of merging music and graphic design, stating that "they are very similar things in terms of how they are made" and I completely agree with it. Writing music and designing designs require harmony, practice, experience and confidence, not only that but both require and certain skill that comes naturally through love of creating.

I know some of my coursemates might read this and think that that was pretty lame. So yeah, sorry guys, I'm a bit lame sometimes..

Where can we get our hands on your work? Both musical and design? 

All of the following links:


The DivorcĂ©e: 

Design Work:

As I said: some things are still being recorded etc so the best thing to do if you want to follow any of my projects is just watch the spaces above and actually follow them.
Also, don't be afraid to add me on Twitter/facebook on my personal accounts. I really do try to be as friendly and as humble as possible so any praise, talk, questions, work you'd like doing or anything of the sort that you'd like to forward to me, then please, go ahead :)


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