Sunday, 10 June 2012

COMPANY: July Issue

Something I've been keeping quiet about over the past couple of months is my guest appearance in the July issue of Company magazine. I was contacted back in April asking if I'd like to be involved (of course I said yes!) sent off all my details and writings and two months later here it is!

I can't even begin to express how appreciative I am for Company Magazine giving me this opportunity and It feels amazing to have my music, festival and fashion tips out there for all you lovely people to read!

If you do not yet know of Company magazine I urge you to go and buy the latest issue (not just because I'm in it), It's full of amazing fashion trends, hair and beauty tips plus all the latest info on music, books and everything else! It really is one of my favourite magazines, particularly as It really supports bloggers! Only £2 as well so really, It's an absolute bargain!

If you read the magazine / article let me know what you think!


  1. Nige directed me to your blog. He is one proud father.

    Good writing and congrats on the magazine piece.

    Never heard of Ben Howard before. Liking.

    Meteorologist, Antarctica.

  2. Been secretly following your blog, okay that sounds stalkerish but I'm sure you get me. Congrats on getting the opportunity to write for Company and cheers for following my blog! Much appreciated!

  3. We all think you sound like Fearne Cotton.


  4. Hi Tamsyn,

    Thanks for the tune and shout on friday - we really liked the show and I basically agreed with all of your comments (positive and negative) on the tracks you played. Now off to compile your recommendations from above.

    Hope the weather improves for festival fun...


  5. Hi, :)
    i actually found you through the company article-congrats! its great exposure and must have been fun so well done!

  6. Holly: That's awesome, glad people found me that way! Was so happy when i got offered it :) so thank you for taking a look!

    Ryan: Haha, stalkerish but cool :) keep up the good work!

    & cheers to all you guys down in Antarctica! Apologies if Dad keeps blabbing about me!