Thursday, 31 May 2012

Let Me Introduce You To Wilbour...

As many of you will understand procrastination is quite the art form, particularly when you have a ridiculous amount of coursework to do, there's always something more interesting to do right? I mean, really coursework is probably one of the least interesting things to do! So as I was spending my time looking at various things on the Internet, instead of doing my work, I came across a video.

Now it's not usual that I would take the time to blog about something I've stumbled across, but this intrigued me more than many other videos do. Simply because, I can't tell if it's real or not, if it's set up or if the characters involved are real. We all know I'm a sucker for a reality (or not so) television show, which is another reason this intrigues me.

The video is, what seems to be, a documentary following a homeless man called Wilbour, now unfortunately we all know what homeless people look and act like, but we never really get to know them do we? Wilbour is, at a guess, early thirties, with the typical scruffy, bearded look of many a homeless man, but one thing seems to stand out about him and that's his positive out look on life. He seems quite happy living the way he does and is quite happy to talk infront of the cameras about his day to day life.

Here's the first video to give you an idea. I do warn you, he has quite the foul mouth!

What is even more intriguing about the whole thing, is that there is no real information available about it. In the video description, it gives the link to a Twitter account @thatWilbour and after further investigation through this, it seems the series producer has even managed to get Wilbour tweeting! That's right, a homeless man, tweeting! For example, one of his latest states "Alrite Jed got arested last nite for puting a traffic cone on his hed. Lucky sod got a roof over his head for the nite guttd."

Unlike myself and so many others, Wilbour is not a serial tweeter, as it seems the producers are providing much of the news on him, linking to new videos and giving information about the series. This is obviously a new development, as there are only two videos currently available and the twitter account has only recently been set up. So for now I shall stay intrigued and keep you guys updated with any developments, but I advise you to all go follow Wilbour on twitter and let me know your theories!

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