Sunday, 20 May 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Amy Sapphire Photography

1. Where did your love of photography come from?

I’ve always loved taking photos and I especially love the impact and emotions it can provoke in people and the story a photo can 
tell. As part of my degree at university, there was the opportunity to study photography and 

from the first lecture I was hooked. I realised then, that photography is what 

I want to make a career out of. I managed to get my hands on a DSLR and my passion for 
photography quickly grew, it's amazing to find a creative art form that I love!

2. Do you have any favourite styles you like to shoot?

I like natural, realistic photos, especially in portraits. I find that you get to see the real person more when they aren’t staged and set-up 
for the camera and the final photo is more true to the person in it. 

Another style I really enjoy is costume portraits. I find people can 

be quite ‘stiff’ in-front of a camera as themselves, especially if 
they are shy, but put them in a cape or some wings and they don’t hold 
back and you get to see a side of their personality which can be 
hidden in day-to-day life. I also love vibrancy in the colours in 
nature, such as really blue skys and bright green grass; I find them 
fresh and uplifting.

3. For someone thats never heard of you, how would you describe Amy Sapphire Photography?

I would say it is fun, relaxed and new. I like to think that I work in a calming but fun way which allows people to relax and be themselves. 
It’s rare that I ask some-one to sit and pose for the camera, I only 

do this if they are a really confident person or it’s the look we are 

aiming for. I like to think I allow people to be who they are or who 
they want to be, whether this requires a costume or not.

4. What or who inspires you?

It sounds really cheesy but I do take inspiration from everything around me in my day-to-day life, the people I know and meet and the 
places I visit, all spark something in me which gives me ideas. I find 

that people inspire me the most though, these can either be new people 

I meet or the people closest to me in life. I find the differences in 
people’s lives and personalities fascinating, I love to see little 
things in people’s characters and emphasise these traits to create a 
portrait which really represents the person as a whole.

5. Have you got a favourite image? and why is it your favourite?

I have a quite a few favourites, its hard to pick one photo. I suppose one of my favourites and most memorable is one from a shoot which I 
did recently. The person in the portrait works with the emergency 

services and to others can be seen as a hero, so it seemed fitting to 

put him in a cape. The cape allowed him to release his inner child and 
he instantly started running about, acting out fight scenes and hiding 
behind rocks. I love this photo in particular because it represents 
this mischievous, child-like behavior in his position and facial 
expression. The colours and tones in the photo contrast nicely with 
the harsh, black cape adding depth to the image. He is nicely framed 
and the shadows add dramatic effect. Overall I just think it’s a fun 
photo which demonstrates the fun we had on the shoot.

6. Can you give us an insight into what to expect from your business over the coming months?

I aim to expand and develop my skills to cover other aspects of photography and experience all that it has to offer, however my main 
passion and interest is still to be portraits, hopefully many more 

costume and character portraits as these are the ones which excite me 

the most. I aim to experiment with many more different effects to 
achieve all the feeling and emotions which can best display a person’s 

7. Finally, if anyone wishes to contact you or view your work when can they reach you?

There is a selection of my work and some info at or you can take a look at a few more of my photos on my flickr page at If you have any queries or 

comments then I would be happy to hear from you, you can email me at 

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