Thursday, 23 February 2012


So for any of you that follow me on twitter you may have already seen me excitedly tweeting about my new ink. For those who don't here it is!

'only love' written across my rib just below my left boob. The words come from the Ben Howard song of the same title, which is one of the reasons i have it, because he's become one of my all-time favourite musicians. The second being that it represents my love for music, as it's been my biggest passion since i was small and it's what i want to do with my career, so yeah thats what it's for. A bit cheesy yes, but i absolutely adore it! I've been a fan of rib tattoos for a long time but have put off having my own due to the "oh thats the most painful place" comments i always get. In fact, it was nowhere near as painful as i thought it was going to be, probably helped that i had a lovely tattooist and a hand to squeeze! It's my second tattoo and i have a few more ideas up my sleeve for other ones, but i need to save some pennies first!

Have any of you got tattoos? Would love to see them if you do!