Sunday, 19 February 2012

LIVE: Ben Howard - Portsmouth Pyramids 14th February 2012

Now to say I was excited about going to see Ben Howard live is a little bit of an understatement. Ever since purchasing his album back in October I have fallen completely in love with his music and still daily listen to his music repeatedly. There aren’t many bands or artists that leave a lasting impression with me, yet Ben Howard has done just that, so I had high hopes for his live show.

Daughter were the support act for the evening, who completely surprised me, it’s difficult not to fall in love with Elena Tonra’s vocals and timid personality, plus there’s always something great about hearing such an innocent looking girl delicately sing the word “fuck”. The set isn’t too long, but it satisfies the audience in their wait for the main event.

As the lights at the venue lowered and the crowd opened their lungs to announce the arrival of Ben Howard, It’s safe to say I was feeling completely elated. Opening with Depth Over Distance, Ben’s husky, soulful voice filled the room that had now fallen totally silent. For those that know the song you will understand when I say it’s very passionate, with echoing bass drums and Ben pushing his vocals more than the norm. An incredible opening, which left an even more incredible atmosphere amongst the fans.

Ben then worked his way through most tracks from his debut album Every Kingdom, with Old Pine and The Wolves going down an absolute storm with the crowd, who were singing along to every line. One thing that really impressed me was the amount of effort the band as a whole had put into the show, and how well they all work together, drummer Chris Bond is clearly a very talented musician, as well as India Bourne who works her magic on the Cello, Bass and backing vocals. There was so much enthusiasm in the music; Ben in particular pushed his guitar skills to a whole new level, which I didn’t think was possible.

Clearly still bemused by his success and the amount of females that now lust after him, he still seems quite shy when talking about his album influences and stories behind his music, making quite the comical comment at a young girl declaring her love for him from the front row.

The show then draws to a close, Ben finishes off with Move Like You Want To, which gets everyone dancing around and singing along. As he departs the stage the crowd give him one big cheer, showing their full appreciation for the show tonight… and I leave completely in awe and worried that I’ll never love a man again after watching him.

But this is just the beginning for Ben; he seems to have become Radio 1’s new favourite toy and is in high demand from music types across the country. He has already announced another full scale UK tour for November, so make sure you get your tickets early to avoid disappointment! 

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  1. Hey, really enjoyed reading these two posts. Love the tattoo!!! I saw Ben back in February in Truro, Cornwall. Was the best thing I've ever seen live and I to listen to him daily and can't wait for the new EP! :) x