Monday, 19 March 2012

A Week in Photographs

I can only apologies for my complete lack of blogging recently, third year of university is one hell of a toughy! I have my 12,000 word dissertation due in on the 30th March so my life is now pretty much non-existent because of it, oh joy!

Obviously though i don't want to completely abandon everybody and am going to do my best to keep you in the loop with what i've been up to, but instead of blabbering on about it, i thought i'd hop on the picture train and show you all through pictures, mainly taken from my Instagram (tamsynlouise if you want to find me!) So here you are, my week in pictures!

1. Spending my weekend in the garden back home in Brighton
2. Showing off the St Patricks day merch at work
3. Graze box! mmmmmmm 
4. Housemate banter, apparently it's cool to abuse my Gosling :(
5. A spot of payday shopping!
6. Catch up with a friend I haven't seen in ages!
7. Yes, my mother has bought me Cornish Monopoly!
8. Cream tea and cake for mothers day :) double mmmm!
9. Got my dip-dye put back in, very, very happy with it!

Thats pretty much everything exciting thats happened, the rest of my time is spent typing, typing, typing for my dissertation, yawwwwwn!
Also starting to put together a fitness regime, as due to my operation i've done pretty much no exercise since before christmas, not good! Plus i need to get fitter as i have some surf trips coming up which i want to enjoy as much as i can, so the workouts start now! Anyone got any good advice or tips for loosing a few pounds and enjoying exercise?!

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