Wednesday, 25 January 2012

21 Things to do before I'm 21

For the past few years i have never made much of an effort to go all out with my Birthdays, my 18th consisted of some friends and a night out in Brighton and the others are usually spent with my parents and nice meal out somewhere... oh and the various ex boyfriends that i felt would do for company. But this year i turn the big 21, (why is 21 such a 'big' birthday?!) so this year i've decided i'm going to make the most of it, as everyone tends to tell me they would love to forever be that age and it's when a lot of great things happened to people. Hell i deserve to go all out and have as much fun as possible and currently, i don't have anyone holding me back from doing what i want.

Therefore i have had the idea of doing 21 things before I am 21 (I was inspired by the blog 23b423). I always tell myself about the things i need to do with my life before i enter the real world, I'm always day dreaming of the different adventures i want to have, so now is the time to do so. My birthday is on July 10th and i graduate (hopefully) from university around the same time, so i feel these next six months are vital in me enjoying every moment left of my student life and before i start getting to those grown up ages, where presents are no longer sent and you start asking for 'useful' things as apposed to a new toy to play with.

So here it goes:

1. Meet at least 10 famous musicians
2. Skinny dip
3. Jump into the sea from different heights
4. Road trip through Wales
5. Watch all the series' of The OC
6. Watch the sunrise
7. Bake a giant rainbow cake
8. Learn to play the ukelele
9. Big Ernies challenge (this is a restaurant in portsmouth that challenge you to eat a gazillion calories, vertually impossible!)
10. Get a radio show
11. Convince at least one member of the public that my friend Jack is actually Ryan Gosling (he looks A LOT like him!) and get them an autograph etc - Basically see how far we can take it!
12. Get an article featured in a Magazine
13. Go to Alton Towers
14. Go Horse riding again (haven't been able to due to my operations over the years)
15. Build a giant den in the living room and have all my friends stay over, childish yes, but fun all the same!
16. Sleep in a car over night
17. Go to Splashdown & Quayside
18. Spend a day in Chelsea with the girls
19. Get a tattoo under/to the side of my breast
20. Be a part of the audience for Greg James' 'Feet Up Friday' on Radio 1
21. Purchase a record player and find at least 10 amazing records to play on it!

So thats it! The list is complete & i'm already underway with it, it's going to be an interesting 5 months if i manage to get all these ticked off! Wish me luck!


  1. This is such a great idea! And I am SO doing the big ernie's challenge soon haha, i have an event on facebook for it and everything! ahem, haha..

    it's really difficult to think, i'm crap with things like this! maybe you could do something stupid like, go on a blind date! rubbish example, sorry haha :( xx

  2. Me and my friends are planning on doing it when our final loan comes through, so that we can actually afford it when we fail aha!

    I know, i'm generally struggling with ideas! A blind date is something i've never really wanted to do so i'll give that a miss, but thanks for the input! Haha, let me know if you think of any others! :) xx