Friday, 8 July 2011

Charlie Simpson

I am in no way stating that Charlie Simpson's solo career is the newest of the new when it comes to music, however having recently heard his second single release Parachutes, i could only help but feel that Charlie and his music deserved a blog post.

Many of us remember Charlie as being the teenage heartthrob that adorned many girls bedroom walls during his time in pop-rock band Busted, before he moved into a completely different musical direction with Fightstar, a four piece prog-rock/hardcore band who produced a number of albums and released several singles. Nowadays, he is out on his own, producing music different from both that of Busted and Fightstar, music that gives the impression that this is the route Charlie has wanted to take for many years now.

First single Down Down Down was delivered filled with acoustic guitars, soulful harmonies and a very dapper looking Mr Simpson, who has swapped his worn jeans for a shirt and tie. The song clearly has more of a pop-folk feel to it, which as many of us know is a genre that is becoming very popular, very quickly, with thanks to artists such as Mumford and Sons and Laura Marling.

Most recently, Charlie has been touring throughout the UK and has released his second single release Parachutes. 

This single seems to have more focus on the percussion and piano, as apposed to acoustic guitars like in Down Down Down, but it works, it most definitely works. The melodies are enchanting and Charlie's voice is a great accompaniment. Like much of his previous work, it's unsure as to whether his latest offering's will be one's that work their way up the charts and have every DJ in town talking, but i doubt none of that really matters to Charlie, i think he has finally found his comfort sound and hopefully he will stick with it as i personally think he is on to a winner here.

Photograph credit to Tom Langford Photo

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