Tuesday, 12 July 2011


On Sunday it was my turn to leave the easy world of being a teenager and join the not so easy, important world of being an adult. I turned 20. Not really a big birthday, that will come next year for my 21st. But clearly as soon as you leave the teenage years behind, relatives stop sending birthday cards and presents are down to a minmum. So i wasn't particularly excited for this one, especially as i had already recieved my main birthday present from my parents, which was a weekend away in the New Forest in this....

.... Pretty awesome huh?
However i realise that has made me sound like i am not grateful for the presents i did receive, of course i am grateful for them, and i loved them all! My mum has ordered me some brilliant rollerskates, which should hopefully arrive soon, then i can start skating along Southsea seafront!
I also got some Toms, which are SUPER comfy! I had no idea how comfy they actually were!

Other than that, i got a pretty thermos for my tea, and this purse which you can wear on wrist ( an essential for festivals and nights out!) Two Spot Gobi's album, which is also a must have for the summer!  A £15 iTunes gift card, which i have already spent half of on the Twin Atlantic album! Plus a £20 Accessorize voucher and £30 cash. So i don't think i have done too badly if i say so myself :)

I'm planning to have a proper party for it in September when i'm back at uni with all my friends as that will be easier, plus it's an excuse to have a party!

Hope all is well with everyone else!

Tamsyn x

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