Friday, 24 June 2011

Two Door Cinema Club - Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

Once again, this week i ventured into the world of experiencing live music completely by myself. It's an unsettling feeling, do you just go for it and not really care, or just stand at the back away from all the groups of people squeezing to the front? Usually, in this situation i am the latter, however after struggling to see most of the supporting act Polarsets i decided to shimmy my way as close to the front as i could get without being squished. Best idea i've ever had!

Two Door Cinema club casually walk onto the stage and quickly burst into the ever popular Undercover Martyn and all of a sudden the room has gone completely mental, this is a sold out show which is holding 500 people in one of the south coasts sweatiest venues, so it doesn't take long for everyone to become slightly damp. Sweatiness aside, the band work their way through tracks from their album Tourist History, with each song providing an even larger uproar than the last, particularly tracks such as Something Good Can Work and Do You Want It All. We are all then treated to two newer tracks which are to be included in their follow up to Tourist History which according to them is to be released later this year. Often when bands play their new songs at shows, the crowd calm down and just chill while they take in the new sounds. Not this crowd though, despite the fact none of us know any of the words yet, we can't help but carry on the dancing, the songs are utterly fantastic and give a very promising expectation for the new album.

The night begins to draw to a close with Two Door playing What You Know as a last push to squeeze every bit of energy out of the crowd. Of course though, as they exit the stage the crowd start the encore, the words 'TWO DOOR" repeated over and over by 500 people and lo and behold they come back, saying 'Thank you's' here there and everywhere, well what did they expect for a one off show in a city they have never played?! We then have the pleasure of hearing a third new track before they end on I Can Talk, once more the crowd are up on their feet, arms in the air singing along to every word.

Two Door leave the stage for the final time as echoes of clapping and wooing carry on for a good minute or so. They absolutely triumphed the Wedgewood Rooms, i left with a big smile on my face and ringing in my ears, and it has been a long time since that has happened from a live show. I can only hope that Two Door come back to Portsmouth very soon and all i can say is that i am VERY excited for their new record!

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