Friday, 15 July 2011

Quick Update

Nothing spectacular to report i'm afraid, nothing much has happened since my birthday!

Took a trip into Brighton the other day for the first time in a long time, i don't get much chance to go there anymore now that i live in Portsmouth most of the time. So i thought i'd take a gander at all the things i can't afford!

Although i did get slightly distracted by the River Island sale, oops! I ended up getting some bikini bottoms, a new tshirt and some awesome new boots. Not that i really needed anymore boots, as i am kinda gathering a collection now, but they were suede boots down from £40 to £15 and they only had one size left which was my size, so clearly it was fate!

They're proper slouchy and comfortable! So i am very pleased with my purchase :)

I also went into Jack Wills to try on the trousers i liked, ended up liking almost everything in store, and leaving quite quickly as i can't even afford a pair of knickers in there! I've never been much of a Jack Wills fan before, so it's a bit odd for me liking so many things!

Other than shopping, i've just been chilling in the sun and working really.

Oh and finding out i need ANOTHER operation! Booooo :( third time lucky i hope!

This has been a boring post, so cheers for reading :)

Tamsyn x

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