Friday, 27 June 2014

TOP 5: Favourite Music Bloggers

Let's face it, everyone and their mum seems to be starting up their own music news/reviews website at the moment. I'm lucky enough to write for some of them, though it does sometimes feel like it's all getting a little cosy. I've never wanted this blog to be a 'news' page, once you've read one story on a band you don't need to see it another 926395 times. I wanted this blog to be more about Features, Experiences and of course the Music. There's a few bloggers out there who also share my love for music, so here's my Top 5, you'd be a silly sausage not to give them a read!

1. Zoe -

Here's a little fact, (without me sounding like a total stalker). I first heard about Zoe's blog when she featured in the music pages of Company Magazine, after reading her Guest Music Edit I headed online and fell in love with her blog. A little bit beauty, a little bit lifestyle and a whole dose of music. Sharing her monthly playlists alongside her favourite make-up tips, Romeo and the Lonely Girl was the first blog that really inspired me to start my own, and it's still one of my faves to this day. Weirdly, I also ended up being on the same page in Company exactly a year after Zoe's piece.

2. Jayde -

I've known Jayde for a few years now and after a few blogs here and there she finally settled on Nelipott. Although it began as just a small music blog written and edited by herself, she's now built it up with a handful of great writers on her team and it's always a great place to head for a total mix of music. Everything from pop to rock, they cover it, which is what I really like about the site. It's the place to head for up-to-date news and reviews with more of a personal touch!

3. Ryan -

This is the ultimate blog to head to if you like discovering new music. Ryan will post around four (or more) videos/tracks a day, covering all aspects of the musical spectrum that will open your ears up to something new. It's quite simple, and don't expect to find paragraph after paragraph about his latest find, the music just does all the talking.

4. Ali -

My friendship with Ali blossomed after I, in my merry state, gave him my business card at 2000 Trees last year. Why? I have no idea. But since then we've hung out at shows, and talked endlessly about all things music. He's probably the one blogger that is just as, or maybe even more passionate about music than I am. And I didn't think that was possible. His way with words is quite something, just read some of his reviews and you'll understand what I mean!

5. Milly -

I actually lived in the same city, went to the same University and had some of the same friends as Milly for about 4 years. Did we ever officially meet? No. I'm not sure how either. But now the wonderful World of Blogging and the Internet have brought us together. Though Milly's blog leans more towards the fashion/beauty side of things, she's a keen Festival goer and we share a mutual love for a lot of bands and we frequently bump into each other at shows.

So there we go, is there anyone you think I've missed? Are YOU a music blogger? Send me your links! 

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  1. Hi, love this post - just added everyone to my bloglovin feed and looking forward to getting stuck in!

    I've been blogging about music at for the past five years, and also writing lifestyle/fashiony stuff at Would love to know what you think! xx