Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hello Stranger.

Whoopsy daisy! It would appear that I completely fell of the face of the earth for a little bit. Okay, so maybe not that extreme but yes, it has been FAR too long since I wrote a little something on here and I am so, so sorry for neglecting you lovely people!

Truth is, life went mad. Around the time of my last post I was meant to have surgery, it fell through and I've been on and off the phone with the hospital for the past couple of months trying to sort out what the hell was going on. Alongside that I've had to move back to Brighton because I just couldn't handle scrimping together every single penny every month and thought it was time I made a big decision as to what to do with myself. HI MUM AND DAD.

One week I attended four gigs in one week (all needing reviewing/interviews etc) I partied my butt off at Takedown Festival and Slam Dunk Festival and I resigned from my job.

It brings me out in a sweat just thinking about it all.

With all the writing I've been doing elsewhere, I've found it tough to keep up with things on here and after transcribing the millionth (slight exaggeration) interview my little fingers just couldn't face typing anymore and I just couldn't will myself to come up with more ideas for things. I had to prioritise a bit, which meant my blog was pushed to the side slightly.

However, I have now moved back into my room at my parents house in Brighton, I've had my surgery and I'm FUNemployed. Meaning that I now have probably TOO much time on my hands if anything, so I reckon it's time to fall back in love with blogging. I've got a lot more ideas whurring around my brain so over the next few weeks I'm sure you'll be seeing more posts popping up, which I do hope you enjoy!

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