Thursday, 3 January 2013

Top 5 EP's of 2012!

Okay, I know I did a very similar post on my top 5 albums from 2012, however this year has also seen EP's making an bigger appearance. For bands and artists that are possibly a bit too busy touring, but want to give their music and outlet and keep the nagging fans at bay, EP's are a little teaser for a band's new direction and what to expect from their next full length record. So here it is; my Top 5 EP's of 2012.

1. Ben Howard - Burgh Island EP

Come on, a post like this wouldn't be fit without an appearance from my beloved! I've been a huge fan of Mr Howard since before his debut Every Kingdom was released and along with the rest of the country / world I have fallen completely in love with his smooth vocals that literally make my heart rate beat at an inappropriate level. The Burgh Island EP sees Ben experimenting more with his electric guitar, creating a more haunting and deep vibe throughout. Without sounding to 'emo' stick this on, switch the lights off and lie back on your bed, it's worth it.
Favourite Track: Burgh Island

2. HARBOUR - Morning

I promise I'll stop going on about these guys soon, (I probably won't) but this EP is really, really good. Five tracks, each beautifully crafted with strong lyrical stature and vocal harmonies powerful enough to whip you into an emotional rollercoaster. I recently sent the EP over to a good friend of mine, who messaged me simply saying "it's made me excited about music again", which is just incredible to hear. They're nice lads, who put on a bloody good live performance and are working hard to produce the best music possible. Keep an eye out for these guys in 2013, you won't be disappointed.
Favourite Track: Dear God

3. Alexisonfire - Death Letter EP

The only band ever, of course. 2012 saw us say the real goodbye to a band that soundtracked so many people's lives. I managed to catch them at Brixton Academy for one of their farewell shows and I can safely say no gig has ever made me so emotional. Then this came along, the Death Letter EP, a handful of tracks completely stripped back to piano's and acoustic melodies. Utterly beautiful, it only enhances the question of WHY? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BREAK UP? Though we shall probably never get the chance of hearing or seeing them again, this EP is a magnificent goodbye. Thank you Alexis, thank you.
Favourite Track: Happiness By The Kilowatt 

4. Morain - Are We Lost

Morain are a fairly new discovery of mine, after catching them on tour with HARBOUR, I got home, checked out their music and was very impressed. Plus the EP is free to download, it can't get much better? If you like bands such as Futures, Kids In Glasshouses and Young Kato, these guys will be right up your street. With their upbeat, catchy guitar rhythms, you'll have the tracks bopping around your head for some time. Go on, take a listen, they could be your new favourite band.
Favourite Track: Animals  

5. Young Kato - Self-titled EP

Cheltenham did well in 2012, not only are my favourite boys HARBOUR from there, but so are Young Kato, a group of lads who's average age is 18. Don't be put off by their age though, (or their hair cuts), the music they make is a perfect blend of indie pop-rock. Signed to LAB Records, these young adults are producing music far beyond their age and it looks like they have a strong career ahead of them. Already creating a buzz around themselves and about to set out on a small UK tour, go catch them live and switch this EP on to brighten up your mornings.
Favourite Track: Drink, Dance, Play

There we have it, my top 5 EP's, does anyone else have some suggestions that I may have missed out? Let me know!

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