Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Sound #1

When I started this  blog, it was for me to write about music and all my favourite things to do with it, whilst rambling on about other lifestyle related subjects. Ultimately though I have always wanted to promote music and inspire people with my thoughts on a certain band, song or album. Over the past couple months I feel I've dwindled too much away from the music side of things and I want to bring that back, which is why I'm starting this new section. Each week, on every Sunday I will post up a band or artist I am particularly loving at the moment for you all to treat your ears. I'm really hoping to stick with this one so any comments about your thoughts on the section would be great!

Let's start things off then.

Gunning For Tamar

Gunning For Tamar are a fairly recent discovery of mine, after catching them at Southsea Fest and Underground Fest where I was massively impressed with their sets. The guys throw themselves about the stage, no matter what the size, sweating bucket loads but sounding completely flawless. Already receiving praise from various radio faces and big name music magazines, Gunning For Tamar have a slightly darker vibe about their music, but the guitar slicks are strong and the chorus’ will have you flailing your arms around air drumming. Signed to Alcopop Records, the guys released their single Dark Sky Tourism as a free download in August, so get your hands on a copy and although they're not touring just yet, keep your eyes out for dates because it will be a show not to miss, I can guarantee that. 

For Fans Of: Twin Atlantic, Straight Lines and Deaf Havana

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