Wednesday, 29 August 2012


For a band that are on the up, you're certainly not ones to give your life stories away on network sites. So what or rather, who is Harbour?

HARBOUR is a group of five; Chris, Mike, Andy, Charlie and Adam. We started the band about a year ago now. We just got fed up with the musical projects we were involved with at the time and came together to try and build something we could actually be proud of. 

Why Harbour? Is it just a name or are you actually massive lovers of boats?

We named ourself HARBOUR for a few reasons. The first being that it's the British spelling of the word which we liked. (Americans spell it Harbor.) The second reason was it's primary definition which is a safe haven for boats and ships from stormy seas. We see this band as a safe place for our thoughts, ideas and feelings to exist so that made sense. The final reason was it's meaning of hiding things, like, 'to harbour a grudge'. It seemed to fit what our band was to us. 

These days it seems that bands are all popping up from the same locations, however not many reign from the West, coming from Cheltenham do you reckon you could be the leaders in alternative music for the old West Country folks?

haha! There's actually a massively vibrant local music scene in Cheltenham. We're really proud to be from the group of bands, promoters and music fans that we come from. 

You've already had the chance to play shows with FUTURES and The Xcerts, is there a particular show you've played that's really stood out to you guys? Or one that you're particularly hyped about for the future?

Playing with both Futures and The Xcerts was amazing for us. We're fans of both of those bands so we were honoured to be on those shows. I think our favourite show as of yet would have to be 2000 Trees Festival this year. Our tent was pretty much full up and the amount of people who knew our songs and were there to support us was incredible. 

Is there anything, or anyone, that inspires you as a band? 

Loads of things inspire us in different ways. In terms of song writing it's usually inspired by really personal things. I think that's what makes the best kind of songs. We're massively inspired by the bands around us that work so hard to achieve their goals and undoubtedly the people who support what we do. 

What can we expect from Harbour in the near future? Anything exciting you can tell us about?

We're working really hard at the moment on writing and demoing some new stuff. We're excited to be playing Underground Festival in September in Gloucester but right now we're really getting our heads down with writing.

The songs we're working on are the bravest yet and we're really keen to make everything as perfect as we can before sharing it with everyone.

Where can people hear your music and get in touch with you?

Everything we've been able to record so far is available for free from our website which is  and of course we're really active on facebook as well which is
We've just got instagram as well for everyone who's on that. Our username is HarbourBand


  1. Great interview! I hadn't heard of Harbour before, but I'm definitely gonna check out more of their stuff now :) Always good to hear of new, up-and-coming bands! I have a music features/reviews section on my blog :)
    Helen at Never Quite Elegant xx

  2. Love a good recommendation music wise. Will definitely check'um out :) x