Friday, 2 December 2011

Live Review: Twin Atlantic - The Haunt, Brighton

Think of a great Scottish rock band…. I’m guessing the first band that comes to mind is Biffy Clyro right? Well now you need to push that name aside and make way for a Glaswegian four piece that are making a strong name for themselves in the alternative scene.

The weather in Brighton was certainly fit for the Scottish, (I definitely didn’t come prepared!) However this didn’t seem to faze the rest of the Brighton fans, upon entering the venue it was clear it was close to a sell out and pushing your way towards the front was a task not many could handle. The support acts were unfortunately a little disappointing, with most of the crowd spending their time at the bar during their sets.
Despite this, as soon as the lights lowered and the introduction music started, the crowd were ready and waiting to let themselves go. ‘Serious Underground Dance Vibes’ was the opening track and even though it has no vocals, it most definitely set up the atmosphere, leaving the crowd on edge for what was next to come. The Twin Atlantic boys then went full pelt into ‘Make a Beast of Myself’ and from that moment on they had the audience firmly in the palm of their hands. They made their way through most of the tracks from latest album ‘Free’, mixing it up with some older tracks such as ‘Human After All’ and a few from the first EP’s.  Each song provided evidence that Twin Atlantic were here to play a rock show, with circle pits taking up most of the venue and even lads shouting “I want your babies” in their best Scottish accents, it was clear that Twin Atlantic are fully accepted in the scene.

By the time it came to the encore everyone in the room was insanely hyped up, on returning we were treated to two of their latest singles, ‘Time for You to Stand Up’ and ‘Free’ which, quite frankly made me worry about the structure of the building as I could feel the floor bouncing underneath me. As the show came to an end, every last bit of energy was squeezed out and the crowd left rather sweaty but full of passion. There’s a lot of love for Twin Atlantic down south and it’s pretty awesome seeing so many people come together to celebrate their music.

If a proper rock show it what you are after, than I highly recommend going to see Twin Atlantic, I’m quite sure you won’t regret it! 

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