Friday, 21 October 2011

I'm a Renegade it's in my blood.

Paramore – Renegade

Last month saw the second anniversary of Paramore’s third album Brand New Eyes, meaning that it was surely time to hear something new from the three piece?

It’s been a difficult year for the group, having had two members leave and various internet war of words, now though it seems that the remaining three members are in a confident place and heading in a new direction with their music.

The summer saw the release of ‘Monster’ which was included as part of the soundtrack for the latest Transformers movie. This gave the first hint of the ways in which Paramore were traveling with their sound, as it came accompanied with gritty vocals and vigorous guitar chords.

Recently, Paramore announced the ‘Singles Club’ which would be available through their website. For a sum you are able to purchase three new singles, which will be released over the next few months, as well as other items such as t-shirts and vinyl, to complete the package. First single to be released from the ‘club’ is Renegade, a full-throttle, fast paced, beast of a record.
The intro starts with the beefy guitar chords similar to those heard in Monster, followed by Hayley Williams’ superb vocals, which seem to have taken an edgier tone compared to previous tracks. The lyrics are somewhat darker, with ‘I’m a renegade it’s in my blood/I’m a renegade I always was’ making up the main structure for the chorus’.
Paramore have been criticised in the past for being to pop to be punk, but it’s clear that now the three of them are working their way up the punk scale. Hayley belts out the words while the drums and guitars provide and intensity that makes the track feel incredibly powerful.

If the rest of the ‘club’ follows suit with a similar sound to that of Renegade, than it’s possible Paramore are going to gain a whole load of new fans and get the respect they are due.

Check Renegade out here:

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