Thursday, 29 September 2011

Totes rah and all that...

Now i don't know about all of you but i am a bit of a sucker for a British reality (or not so) television show. Many may criticise the likes of The Only Way Is Essex etc but whats better than laughing at others making fools out of themselves, and wanting him to hook up with her so they fall in love yardy yardy yarder...

Last week saw the return of E4's Made In Chelsea, a show about a group of twenty something posh totties who spend their days having lunch with 'the girls', partying in London's top clubs and jetting off to somewhere hot and sunny for a long weekend. So i can see why it's not exactly to everyone's tastes!

However, if you close your eyes and ignore the chit chat about Hugo's new gaff or the varying girls of Spencer and open your ears to the music in the background you may be highly surprised.

In the first series, they pretty much used every song from Two Door Cinema Clubs, Tourist History, with about three different songs in each episode (also has anyone noticed various department stores also using these tracks for their adverts?) i'm not complaining, as it is a brilliant album, though it seemed they were running out of tracks to use!

Clearly within gap between series' someone googled 'new and exciting bands' and Series 2 so far, has included a whole host of them. Check out the track listing for Episode 1 here. Futures, Vampire Weekend, Polarsets and Charlie Simpson are just some of the names that backed the on-going gossip during the episode.

Episode 2 also came up trumps and introduced acts that are quickly becoming new personal favourites, such as Bastille and I Dream In Colour, (no full tracklisitng available yet, sorry!) So despite the fact i've actually been drawn into the stories and whats going to happen between Spencer and Caggie, i am also excited to watch each episode and see what music will be part of the soundtrack, whether or not i will have another band to add to my 'must see live' list, i'm hoping so...Mainly so i can justify to others why i watch it!

So if you can stand listening to the use of the word "totes" and watching people partake in shooting, rowing and horse racing then i advise to sit down on a monday night, turn to E4, watch Made In Chelsea and indulge yourself in all the new music that accompanies it, you may just surprise yourself!

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