Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Friendly Fires - Pala

On May 16th, Friendly Fires released the very much anticipated follow up to 2008's self titled album.
Pala, an eleven track beauty of a record! It's safe to say it has been played on repeat since i got my hands on a copy of it.

Songs like 'Show Me Lights', 'Blue Cassette' and 'Live Those Days Tonight' are a triumph and quite simply make me want to dance around my bedroom as if i was six again playing the latest Steps single. Except for that these songs are a hell of a lot better than Tragedy.

I can quite confidently say as well that this will be my 'driving record' for the summer, we all have those right? The albums that you can play loudly whilst on a long drive without the need to skip one or two tracks. Pala is definitely that, i just hope i can afford the petrol to experience it!

I strongly advice to anybody reading this that you go out to your local CD/Record shop and purchase Pala by Friendly Fires, i am certain you will not regret it!


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