Sunday, 15 May 2011

"Be creative and Be Yourself"

Those are the words in the 'what you need to do' section of the T4 webpage where you can enter a competition to be T4's online reporter for their biggest music events across the summer. Sounds like the perfect job right?

I have everything they require, a strong passion for music and working with cameras etc. I've presented for the student television channel in the past,  and am working on my own radio show amongst other things. So personally i think i could be a very strong candidate for them.
But it's not a matter of filling in an application form. We have to create a 30 second video explaining why we would be suited for the job. It states "Be as original and imaginative as you can" which just makes things so much more difficult. As i am now sat here desperately trying to come up with a good idea to make my video stand out against so many others. Is just being myself enough?!

I only have a week really to get it filmed and things as well.

But i can't express how much i would dream to have the job they are offering.

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