Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Top 10 Albums of 2014

1. PVRIS - White Noise
It's not often that when I discover a band, they can make such an impression on me within the matter of weeks. Welcome PVRIS, a band that I only stumbled across in September time, but when their debut album White Noise was released in November I was head over heels. With dark, haunting words entwined with fuzzy synths and Lynn Gunn's incredible vocal tone, every track is a masterpiece and that is why it's my top album of the year. 

Favourite Track: Fire

2. Lower Than Atlantis - Self Titled
As soon as that bouncing riff in 'Here We Go' made it's way to our ears and firmly stuck itself to our brains, it was obvious that whatever LTA had in the pipeline for the album was going to be huge. They did not disappoint, though more melodic, their fourth studio album is full of anthemic tracks that beg to be played to thousands, all wrapped up with a nice dose of cheeky Mike Duce charm. 

Favourite Track: Stays the Same

3. Twin Atlantic - Great Divide
My favourite Scot’s returned this year with this absolute belter of a record. Taking things in a new direction, a little more wild and with a little more party all put together into a Rock and Roll record - Great Divide has it all. It still retains everything Twin Atlantic are known for but they’ve pushed their sound to it’s peak and delivered bold, beefy tracks that'll have you fist pumping for days. 

Favourite Track: Hold On

4. Moose Blood - I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time to Time

I've been swooning over Moose Blood and their punked up love songs for some time now, but 2014 finally saw the release of their debut album I'll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time. Brimming with emo influences and grainy guitars, it's like a dose of nostalgia with a modern twist. 

Favourite Track: I Hope You're Miserable 

5. Mallory Knox - Asymmetry
I was a huge fan of Mallory Knox's debut record Signals, so there was no denying to see how they'd step up and do better with sophomore album Asymmetry. They certainly delivered, combining Mikey's impressive vocal talent with echoing guitar melodies, they've also improved upon their songwriting abilities - making this album standout amongst many of the others released this year. It has its ballads and it has it's full-throttle, punchy anthems which make it an absolute treat to listen too. 

Favourite Track: She Took Him to the Lake

6. Neck Deep - Wishful Thinking
There's no denying that I have a big place in my heart for pop-punk, having grown up around bands such as New Found Glory, I'm very fond of the new, rejuvenated era that has taken over 2014. Neck Deep are a band that have absolutely dominated the pop-punk scene, with debut album Wishful Thinking scoring them trips around the World and high-fives from the genres heroes. This is a band that the UK should be incredibly proud of and I can't wait to hear what they've got in store next. 

Favourite Track: Losing Teeth

7. BANKS - Goddess
Despite the fact my music taste very much focuses on the heavier side of music, I like the breakdowns and the huge chanting choruses, but sometimes I discover a gem on the complete other end of the spectrum that I just cannot stop listening to. Welcome BANKS, the goddamn sassiest singer that I have completely fallen head over heels for this year. Her debut album twists incredibly dark lyrics, with vibrating basslines and an RnB soul. It's smooth and sultry, with a hidden bite and I can honestly say her voice is one of the most astonishing I've ever heard live.

Favourite Track: Drowning

8. Natives - Indoor War

Potentially the least well-known band on my list, but the debut album from New Forest pop-rockers Natives has been on repeat most days since its release way back in the first quarter of 2014. There's no heavy breakdowns, there's no stadium-ready anthems, but what it is full of is eleven tracks of pure upbeat, bouncing riffs and choruses to make you smile. I'm losing count of how many times I've seen these guys live now and I'm still not bored of hearing their music, good vibes for days!

Favourite Track: The Horizon/Can't Say No

9. Charlie Simpson - Long Road Home
From Busted through to Fightstar and now onto his solo career, I've followed Charlie's music career since I was twelve and we're now in the era where he is at his finest. His debut Young Pilgrim announced Charlie as an established singer-songwriter and the latest addition, Long Road Home has only further cemented his worth within this industry. With beautifully written acoustic melodies accompanied by an old English charm, Young Pilgrim was written for long summer days and cosy winter nights. It's an all-year round record that never fails to please your ears.

Favourite Track: Comets

10. Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were
My favourite solo artist returned this year, however this time around he's swapped the acoustic for an electric and has created an extremely haunting record with an incredible amount of depth. The guitars are slick and echo alongside Ben's moving vocal tone and this record really flaunts off his skilled musicianship to its finest. It's quite the change from the debut record that threw him into the spotlight, but I Forget Where We Were shows Ben in a whole new light, which makes it even more enticing.

Favourite Track: Conrad

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