Friday, 25 January 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Powder & Plot

1. What made you want to start up your own clothing line?

I spent 10 years of my life playing music in bands and being creative.  When that chapter of my life ended I wanted to still bring something creative to the scene and had always taken a big interest in fashion

2. Where do the influences for Powder & Plot come from?

I've always been a big fan of British history and culture, mainly the Victorian era and golden age of exploration.  We've got so much to be proud of as a nation but we also have lots of villains and pretty incredible characters in our history too.  That's also where the idea of the name comes from - Powder & Plot - The gunpowder plot of Guido Fawkes or 'Guy' as we know him.

3. You've got some interesting designs amongst your collection, can you talk us through some of them? How do you come up with the design ideas?

I wanted to put designs together that have the ability to strike an emotion from people or intrigue them.  Having somebody coming up to you and compliment what you're wearing or ask where you got it from is one of the reasons people want to buy nice clothes and feel good in them.

4. Many of your lookbook images have a countryside/forest backdrop, is this something that inspires you? 

I think one of the best parts of our heritage is that we live in a beautiful country and I'm a country boy myself so I wanted to show that in our lookbook and video, that we take great pride in where we come from and the natural beauty that surrounds us outside cement and bricks. There will always be a lot of cross over from the countryside and wildlife in our designs.

5. Do you have a favourite tshirt design? If so, why?

I've heard lots of people pick different designs as their favorite but for me my fave has to probably be the Aleister Crowley tee.  He was a really nasty piece of work and not many people know about him but he's very interesting to read about.  I recommend anybody to look him up to see what I mean!

6. I've spotted your clothes on some pretty marvellous music types, how did that come about?

Coming from playing music for a long time, I have had the pleasure of playing with many fantastic bands and artists and I keep in good contact with them.  When I told them what I was doing now and showed them the designs, they loved them and the concept behind the brand and it's nice that many were some of my first customers.

(Pulled Apart By Horses)

7. How would you describe the Powder & Plot style? 
Tshirts inspired by British history, loveable rogues and villans.  Edgy, yet elegant.

8. What can we expect from the line in 2013? 
We are currently developing more products such as embroided polo shirts, vest tops, sunglasses and hats so keep checking back throughout 2013 as it's going to be a very exciting year for us. We plan on putting on lots of competitions for our customers and followers and also have our 'Sunday Sessions' being launched later in the year.  I'm keeping that a secret for now but it's pretty exciting stuff!

Check out Powder & Plot HERE:

Photo Credit: Dom Meason 
Video Credit: Rachael Lewis

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