Saturday, 29 December 2012

Top 5 albums of 2012!

Personally I think 2012 has been an incredible year for music, I've been lucky enough to attend many gigs and festivals to witness some of my favourite bands and artists live and record stores have made a decent amount from me purchasing numerous albums and EP's over the past 12 months. I've discovered so many amazing bands that have quickly skipped into my favourites lists and I'm really quite excited to see what 2013 will have on offer music wise.

It's been really difficult to try and narrow down five albums that I loved this year as there's been so many decent releases, BUT, I think I've got it, I don't think I can really put them in an order though, they're just all too bloody good! I'd love to know who's on your lists so let me know if you think another should have made it to my list!

1. Don Broco - Priorities

I was a little late boarding the Broco train, as so many people I know were banging on about these guys for months, but after finally catching them live at The Great Escape in May, I could see what all the fuss was about and they quickly became a band I adored. From their cheeky dance moves, to the punching guitar chords and quirky lyrics, it's no surprise their debut had such great success, I still play the album in full frequently and thoroughly enjoy flailing my arms around air drumming. 
Favourite Track: Hold On / Priorities 

2. Straight Lines - Freaks Like Us

I'm a big fan of the Welsh music scene, somehow it just seems to produce some of the best musicians I've ever heard and these boys are no different. Tom Jenkins has got a strongly distinctive vocal, which certainly sets them apart from other welshies such as Kids In Glasshouses and Funeral for a Friend, however they deserve just as much success. Freaks Like Us is their second full length and has everything from more pop-rock anthems to the heavy drum patterns in tracks such as Empty Chest. I've been lucky to interview both Tom and James and I can safely say, they're bloody nice chaps as well! 
Favourite Track: So Many Paths

3. ∆ (Alt-J) - An Awesome Wave

Now Alt-J are a band that I never really thought I would get in to, however after much praise from a friend of mine I decided to give them a listen and then checked them out at Great Escape and despite having to listen to the first half of the set outside the venue due to the sheer amount of people, I was so unbelievably impressed! Once the album was released I was sold, even the interludes on An Awesome Wave are beautifully crafted, meaning I can listen to it from start to finish without once hovering over the skip button. Utterly fantastic! Plus, it won the Mercury Music Prize this year and you can't really argue against that now can you? 
Favourite Track: Dissolve Me 

4. Mumford And Sons - Babel

This was one of my most anticipated albums of 2012, after listening to their first release to death! I was introduced to Mumford in my first year of university and they've stayed with me ever since, so much so that I now have a lyric of theres firmly inked into my arm. As soon as I hit play and was whipped into the opening and title track, Babel, I fell madly in love. Why can't it be that simple with men huh? As expected with Mumford, each song is magnificently crafted with intertwining instruments and beautifully written lyrics, I now just long for the day I can get my hands on a ticket to see them live! 
Favourite Track: Babel / Ghosts We Knew

5. Ellie Goulding - Halcyon

Ellie Goulding's second full length release has been a long time coming, with her first album being released back in 2009 and after a while I was seriously starting to give up hope, as it seemed America was her calling and there were no real signs of music emerging, but alas, I was wrong! For once I am happy to be as well, because this album is well worth the wait. I was concerned, that she would have taken too much of an electronic route, but Halcyon shows that Miss G has stuck to her folk roots, with elegant tracks such as I Know You Care whilst experimenting with more production on tracks such as Figure 8 and I Need Your Love. This album really shows how Ellie has matured with her music and I can't wait to experience it live. Well done lady, well bloody done! 
Favourite Track: My Blood

So that's it! My top 5 albums of 2012! Did any of these make it into yours? Of course though I've enjoyed so many more, so if you didn't like any of the above then maybe try one of these:


  1. It really has been a great year for music! Some fab choices there :). I'm in the midst of compiling my top 5 songs of 2012 for a post but am having trouble narrowing it down (it might become a top 10 at this rate!)
    Kaz x

    1. Aw I'm glad you agree! There was so much choice, I've though about doing one for songs, but I seriously don't know if I can pick my favourites! I look forward to reading yours :) xx

  2. Ahhh Don Broco! :D Love that album! And I haven't listened to Straight Lines in ages, I remember seeing them at...I think it was Butserfest, ages ago. We ended up chatting to them after whilst they were loading their van, and they were so lovely too!

    1. SUCH a good album right?! Seriously, do give the Straight Lines album a listen, it's superb!