Saturday, 30 July 2011

It's the end of the month

Could anybody tell me where July went please? However this does mean it is even closer to September, meaning it's even closer to all my friends being back and moving into my superb new student house!

Unfortunately it hasn't been a very exciting month, hence me not blogging very much. I genuinely don't have a lot going on other than working and i'm pretty sure nobody wants to hear about that!

My rollerskates finally arrived!

Look how amazing they are! However i haven't actually been out on them yet :( with this ever changing weather it's hard to know when to actually go out for the afternoon & at the moment it seems to only be sunny at weekends, which unfortunately is when i'm usually in a sleep induced coma from working friday and saturday nights! I really should get a daytime job, these night shifts aren't doing me any good! But it pays, and it is a good laugh so i can't really complain!

I haven't made many purchases recently either as money is short. Although i have recently bought some Sea Salt Spray. I am a very big fan of the whole wavy, beach look but often have difficulty getting the look myself without it looking very odd and fake. So after reading about these sprays i though i'd give one a go! These aren't the cheapest of products and many of the ones that were recommended such as Label M, are about £17 a bottle! Definitely not in my price range! However i did find this Lee Stafford one in boots for around £7...

...and it works a treat! It says in the instructions to apply to wet hair and leave to dry naturally, although my hair takes FOREVER to dry naturally and i often don't have time to wait. So the way i have achieved the look is by spraying my hair when wet, then blow drying using my fingers instead of a brush to give more texture, and then when it's nearly dry I spritz a bit more on the ends and give it a bit of a shake up with my hands and i then have perfect beachy waves :) lovely!

Whilst i was in Boots i also got some tanning moisturiser, because lets face it, with the summer we are having there isn't much of a chance of getting a tan! I've used the Dove one previously but i wasn't so keen as it had quite a strong smell and usually left me with streaks, therefore this time i went for Johnson's... far so good! I've only applied it a few times but i already have a nice tan building on my legs and it isn't too orange which is nice. Plus it doesn't have a strong smell to it so I'm not a walking around stinking of fake tan :)

Lots of new music treating my ears this month as well. This month i have been listening too:

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm (Album)
this album is utterly beautiful and i recommend to all!
Polarsets - Sunshine Eyes
Charlie Simpson - Parachutes
Pixie Lott - All About Tonight
Blink 182 - Up All Night
Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
Ed Sheeran - You Need Me
Foster The People - Torches (Album)
Twin Atlantic - Free (Album)


  1. thats so cool that you have rollerskates!

  2. I once owned a pair of rollerskates. They were in perfect condition, and I had bought them for $2 at a local thrift shop.
    Unfortunately, my mom mistook them for something to give back to the thrift shop.