Friday, 10 June 2011

Recharging the batteries

It's been well over a week now since i last put some posts up on here, but then it's taken a good while for everything to settle down.

I've finished my work experience at Q Magazine, it was a brilliant insight into the world of publishing and music journalism and i learnt a lot about writing and developed my skills a lot which will definitely help me in the future! However I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it, clearly not quite ready for full time work with a 2 hour journey each way. So i've spent the past week or so sorting out various things, as i've moved back to Portsmouth for the rest of the summer, where i've had people to see, jobs to start and various other things that needed doing.

And really, recharging my batteries, getting a sleeping pattern back, chilling out on life because it has been such a horrible, stressful couple of months and it's finally over so i definitely needed to.

I also now have all my grades back from university, i got some 2:2's which i'm not best pleased about, but they were awful units and i struggled a lot with them, but i got a First in my radio unit which i am so, so happy about! Overall I should be finishing second year on a 2:1 which would be fabulous :)

I'm just hoping this summer is going to be fin, because it's looking pretty bleak at the moment due to housing and money worries and no plans at all due to lack of said monies. I couldn't afford to go to any festivals this summer which is very upsetting, but hopefully now i have a job i can start saving and go to loads next year!

Enough about me for now! I'll keep blogging over the summer.

Tamsyn x

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