Thursday, 16 June 2011

On Monday night i ventured into the unknown, i attended my first gig where i was completely by myself. These days i struggle a lot to find people to come to gigs with me as many of my friends are very picky with what they listen too and aren't particularly into the pop-punk music i like. So anyway, i made my way down to The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth to see Pegasus Bridge, Lower Than Atlantis and Futures. For those that don't know, Futures are an updated version of the band Tonight Is Goodbye who split and reformed a couple of years ago, and since becoming Futures they have constantly excelled themselves at everything they do, already they have signed to Major record label. Not bad eh?

Pegasus Bridge and Lower than Atlantis were both amazing acts who warmed up the crowd wonderfully, the two bands have quite different styles of music, with Pegasus Bridge providing more pop/synth punk and LTA providing deeper chords and breakdowns. But both are adored by the crowd that have gathered.

Futures bring the evening to a whole new level though, from start to finish they have the crowd jumping around with their arms in the air, treating us to a few new tracks from the forthcoming album, mixed with the majority of the tracks from their record The Holiday, despite it being roughly a 200 person crowd the sing a longs are still loud and everyone is clearly enjoying themselves. Futures play the show with confidence, they know what they're doing and if the rest of their shows are like this, it probably won't be long before all their tours are sold out.

Despite the fact i stood at the back alone, i still thoroughly enjoyed the sets from all three bands, although it would have been nice to have someone to dance and sing a long with, guess i'll have to start finding more friends!

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